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Meet the Team

Meet the Allurént team of Manufacturing Engineers and Technology Professionals

Allurént is a senior group of highly skilled manufacturing engineers and technology professionals with extensive experience in the disciplines required for multi-platform manufacturing migration projects in addition to new applications technology and automation installations. We are proud to provide you with engineers who are at the very top of their respective fields, and are often recognized and sought out as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Benefits of partnering with the Allurént Corporation team:

  • Elite team of manufacturing automation engineers
  • Multifaceted skills, experiences, and industries across diverse manufacturing sectors
  • Extensive migration and installation involvement throughout project life cycle
  • Certified Honeywell Systems Integrators
  • Encompass the skills & training to migrate obsolete systems to state of the art manufacturing engineering solutions
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in their chosen disciplines
Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss

Managing Partner

Jeff Weiss, co-founder of allurént, has spent most of his career innovating to help improve the field of Life Sciences Manufacturing.   He co-founded allurént with the purpose of merging the fields of Process Controls Engineering & Automation with Information Technologies to help Life Science companies both increase product quality and throughput while also maintaining compliance with regulatory mandates. Under Weiss’ leadership, allurént continues to expand its products and services to an expanding list of manufacturing companies both in and out of Life Sciences.  He continues to innovate ahead of the technology curve in a process-heavy industry that has historically been slow to adopt high-level IT integration to improve its processes.    The challenge, Weiss contends, continues to be bridging new technologies and Enterprise services with well-worn and established manufacturing techniques and solutions.

Jeff Weiss’ companies have always been dedicated to improving the experiences of its customers through smarter technology solutions.  From finding better ways to bridge real-time manufacturing systems with middleware and the Enterprise, to improving the data visualization and reporting solutions of high-end manufacturing solutions, Weiss’ vision and commitment to providing customers with only the highest quality solutions has led to many successful deployments for nearly 30 years.

Jeff’s vision coupled with the leadership team of industry experts that is at the heart of allurént will continue to bring exciting new technologies to the next generation of process and automation engineers.  His goal is to continue working towards improving manufacturing systems by seamlessly integrating real-time and enterprise solutions to improve product quality – because after all, we too are the customers of our customers.

Prior to allurént, Weiss has resided over exoCite Manufacturing Solutions and OASYS (Open Architecture Systems) building world-class IT-based and manufacturing solutions for nearly 30 years.

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