Industry Solutions

For nearly 30 years, Allurént has offered quality manufacturing and engineering solutions to a wide range of industries. Over the years, we have become particularly experienced in a few key industries, from food processing to pharmaceuticals, from plant information to power management, waste, and even solutions in the hydrogen and paper industries. For more information on these specific niches and more, see below:

Food Processing and Manufacturing

Our Food Process engineering team offers experience in the design of highly automated, hygienic food process systems and manufacturing software for dairy, pharmaceutical, beverage, meat and snack food processing industries. Our diverse experience in the design, automation and construction of FDA, USDA, cGMP food processes and manufacturing facilities is driven by innovation without costly experimentation, enabling us to maintain total efficiency of your food processing systems.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Allurént is committed to providing manufacturing solutions and automation engineering in computer systems validation and regulatory compliance services in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our dedicated group of automation engineers and manufacturing consultants focus on industry guidelines and regulations that directly affect the manufacturing of your pharmaceutical products.

Plant Information Services

All manufacturers can benefit from Plant Intelligence, a plant-wide data historian that can be cost-efficiently scaled to deliver plant information services that meet the needs of large, small and medium-sized plants. Allurént Corporation automation software engineers have the expertise and experience to deliver an automated plant information system designed to meet all manufacturing needs, regardless of whether your primary processes are discrete, process or batch.

Power Management Solutions

Allurént Corporation engineers specialize in delivering complete power management solutions for new systems as well as upgrading and modernizing existing operations in power management. Our automation software and power management solutions expand together with your need to connect people to plant-wide information, in real time, offering new leading edge capabilities to effectively and efficiently automate and manage power plant performance.

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Allurént Corporation specializes in water and wastewater solutions that focus on the sales, design, engineering, integration, installation and service of industrial and municipal process control and radio telemetry systems. Our automation solutions and manufacturing software for the management and control of water and waste systems are a cost effective way to meet the growing challenge of environmental control, compliance and reporting effectively and transparently in managing and manufacturing water and wastewater.

Hydrogen Production Automation

Allurént Corporation engineers specialize in the manufacturing automation of newly designed or existing plants dedicated to hydrogen production. These hydrogen production systems can be designed or upgraded to be totally automatic so your manufacturing plant only requires periodic inspection of one hydrogen production operator.

Pulp and Paper Automation Solutions

At Allurént Corporation, our pulp and paper solutions are designed to improve product quality, paper production efficiency, and flexibility throughout the manufacturing system so you can competitive within an increasingly globalized market. Our pulp and paper manufacturing applications and automated engineering solutions help companies reduce downtime with communication links between remote locations. In addition, our pulp and paper solutions comply with environmental regulations by offering enhanced performance and reporting features customized for pulp and paper manufacturing.

We customize our services for each and every customer. Whether or not you’re in one of these industries, we can apply the lessons of decades of manufacturing solutions & automation engineering services to your organization. Please contact us today for a no-obligation assessment on how we might help.

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