Food Processing Solutions

Engineering Solutions: Food Processing and Manufacturing

Our Food Process engineering team offers experience in the design of highly automated, hygienic food process systems and manufacturing software for dairy, pharmaceutical, beverage, meat and snack food processing industries.

Our diverse experience in the design, automation and construction of FDA, USDA, cGMP food processes and manufacturing facilities is driven by innovation without costly experimentation, enabling us to maintain total efficiency of your food processing systems.

The engineering team at Allurént Corporation can help your food processing system achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by:

  • Developing state-of-the-art food processing software solutions
  • Identifying specific actions necessary to become compliant throughout the food processing industry
  • Automating food processing manufacturing software
  • Improving operational efficiency of food processing manufacturing

To best support our clients, we employ 3D graphic models and “real time” simulation software of the food processing system for liquid, batch processing, and food packaging line applications. By simulating the automated process of food manufacturing before actual deployment, we have been able to shorten startup time and improve manufacturing system usability.

Beyond automation engineering, our Design/Build philosophy in food processing provides accountability in providing manufacturing solutions in key areas of the food process including safety, construction, service, sanitation and ergonomics (or human resource engineering).

We believe our successful track record in food process engineering and our many repeat customers looking for quality automation solutions are testament to the innovation and quality focus that our team of qualified manufacturing engineers brings to the project.

Areas of expertise in the automation engineering of food processing include:

  • Food processing facility and equipment layout and design
  • Dry food materials handling
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) food process design
  • Steam-In-Place (SIP) food process design
  • Food Process/CIP optimization
  • Food product loss reduction
  • Food product receiving and storage
  • Batch and continuous food product blending
  • Filtration, membrane and centrifugal separation
  • Finished food product surge and food product filling

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