Power Management Solutions

Power Management Solutions and Automation Engineering

Allurént Corporation engineers specialize in delivering complete power management solutions for new systems as well as upgrading and modernizing existing operations in power management. Our automation software and power management solutions expand together with your need to connect people to plant-wide information, in real time, offering new leading edge capabilities to effectively and efficiently automate and manage power plant performance.

The engineering team at Allurént Corporation can provide power management solutions that help your energy company achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by:

  • Developing state-of-the-art plan power management solutions
  • Identifying specific information and actions required to maintain compliance in power management
  • Automating power management software
  • Improving operational efficiency of energy management

Energy management companies require power management solutions focused on delivering rapid operational response to remain competitive in the production of cost effective and reliable energy and power management. Therefore the expert automation engineers at Allurént offer a wide variety of power management solutions to fit all your needs.

Our power management solutions include:

  • Recovery Boiler Control, energy process troubleshooting and power control tuning
  • Boiler Cleaning Control, power process troubleshooting and energy control tuning
  • Tie line power management control, process troubleshooting and power control tuning
  • Understanding of concepts and procedures used to analyze machine and determine the origin of the caused process variation
  • Understanding of how to differentiate between machine caused and process control caused process variations in power management
  • Adept at interfacing to Data Acquisition Hardware
  • In depth knowledge of National Instruments and IOTECH power management hardware
  • Expert at trouble shooting and tuning Batch processes including troubleshooting sequence logic
  • Expert at troubleshooting and debugging interlocking logic

Additional power management solutions include:

  • Upgrade of power management software
  • Enhancement of power management controls
  • Design of custom power management controls
  • Knowledge of MIS report design
  • Delivery of PLC upgrades and replacements
  • Development of custom power management communication links

Contact the engineers at Allurént Corporation for a no-obligation assessment of how our automated engineering and industry compliance solutions will advance your power management needs.

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