Water and Wastewater Solutions

Water and Wastewater Solutions and Automation Systems

Allurént Corporation specializes in water and wastewater solutions that focus on the sales, design, engineering, integration, installation and service of industrial and municipal process control and radio telemetry systems.

Our automation solutions and manufacturing software for the management and control of water and waste systems are a cost effective way to meet the growing challenge of environmental control, compliance and reporting effectively and transparently in managing and manufacturing water and wastewater.

The engineering team at Allurént Corporation can provide water and wastewater solutions that help your water manufacturing company achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

The development and capabilities of our water and wastewater solutions strongly reflect the expertise and experience of our water manufacturing engineers in process control, automation and the management of process data. As a result, our water and wastewater solutions will help you maintain a competitive advantage by:

  • Developing state-of-the-art plan water and wastewater solutions
  • Automating water and wastewater manufacturing software
  • Ensuring repeatable and auditable demonstration of compliance in manufacturing water and wastewater
  • Generating predictive alarms to prevent excursions
  • Reducing environmental manpower growth
  • Improving operational efficiency of water and wastewater management that enables environmental and water management personnel to perform higher value work
  • Helping your water company avoid litigation and penalties

System features of Allurént water and wastewater solutions include:

  • Automated multi-source, multi-condition data acquisition of water and wastewater manufacturing
  • Automated EPA/State report generation of water and wastewater management (scalable client-server architecture platform)
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Custom software development (PLC, PC, and DCS)
  • Detailed documentation with shop drawings and field interconnection diagrams
  • Water and wastewater system commissioning services
  • Training for operations and maintenance personnel

Contact the engineers at Allurént Corporation for a no-obligation assessment of how our automated engineering and industry compliance solutions will advance your waste and wastewater needs.

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