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Virtualization Solutions of Manufacturing Automation Systems in the Life Sciences

Allurént Corporation aims to stay one step ahead of ever evolving technology advancements by strategically educating and training our expert team of engineers to empower clients with today’s most sophisticated virtualization solutions in manufacturing and automation.

Once again the landscape of modern manufacturing and automation systems in the life sciences is poised to make another transition into unknown territory – this time in the realm of virtualization solutions and technology.

As you read this, aging SCADA, HMI, and other manufacturing process computers and overburdened system networks in your production plant are threatening to disrupt your manufacturing operations for potentially long periods of time. The recent emergence of virtualization solutions technology offers some hope to extend the life of those fragile systems by seamlessly converting those aging computers into powerful machine-independent virtual machines. Allurént has embraced this new manufacturing technology and is currently helping customers in the life sciences quietly replace aging manufacturing systems with powerful new technology.

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