When it comes to manufacturing automation solutions, sometimes a specific product can lower the costs of development and implementation, while still delivering vast improvements in efficiency. Check out our range of manufacturing-specific applications:

VANGUARD MDA™ – Manufacturing Data Analytics
Unify multiple data sources to create rich data visualization solutions

Designated as a fully 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Manufacturing Information Management Solution, VANGUARD MDA™ is your immediate solution to achieving impactful changes quickly and efficiently. Comprised of a set of data analytics tools designed to provide various high-level data management functions for a variety of manufacturing applications, this leading edge data analytics software can be integrated with practically any commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) manufacturing data platform.

ACCUSign – 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Tools
Protect manufacturing data to secure the management of process information

ACCUSign 21CFR Part 11 Compliance Tools will securely authenticate user actions while also maintaining a complete log (audit trail) of all user actions. Through ACCUSign, users can be notified of incorrect password entry, allow password changes, provide desktop locking of workstations based on security group permissions, prevent unauthorized access to plant applications, and more.

VANGUARD Data Collection Tools
Collect and Categorize Relevant Manufacturing Data

The suite of VANGUARD MDA data collection tools performs a diverse range of operations such as purging the data cache, pausing data collection batches and cycles, alarm management, historical data collection, and other Part 11 compliant data collection tasks. Each process relates disparate data together to produce rich data visualizations and reporting unmatched by any other manufacturing data solution.

VANGUARD Alarm Management
Manage alarm data to optimize manufacturing processes

VANGUARD MDA Alarm Management software manages these events through its application structure and pulls data from multiple manufacturing data sources to provide additional context to better understand each occurrence. The VANGUARD MDA data tools are designed with 21CFR Part11 in mind. Many modern SCADA and DCS systems collect alarm information as well, but typically intermix those events with many other types of manufacturing data.

Optimize Stand-Alone OPC-Based Manufacturing Data Collection and Reporting

VANGUARD MX®, an integral component of the VANGUARD MDA Suite of Manufacturing Data Management Solutions, offers you numerous features that are designed to optimize manufacturing processes by enabling you to achieve the following: Chart Recorder Style Data Visualization, Interact with your manufacturing data, Choose Data Navigation Options and Receive Endless Data Analytics Reporting.

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