VANGUARD MDA™ – Manufacturing Data Analytics
Unify multiple data sources to create rich data visualization solutions

When it comes to manufacturing automation solutions, small improvements over time can lead to big savings. But what can manufacturers do to achieve big improvements in a small amount of time?

Analyzing data about your automated manufacturing processes can result in a nearly instant ROI with huge savings in both manufacturing production costs and batch investigation times.

In several case studies involving automated manufacturing, the addition of improved manufacturing data analytics management and data reporting tools have more than quintupled production output, while practically eliminating lost batches and reducing weeks-long manufacturing production and batch investigation times to a matter of minutes.

Designated as a fully 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Manufacturing Information Management Solution, VANGUARD MDA™ is your immediate solution to achieving impactful changes quickly and efficiently. Comprised of a set of data analytics tools designed to provide various high-level data management functions for a variety of manufacturing applications, this leading edge data analytics software can be integrated with practically any commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) manufacturing data platform.

VANGUARD MDA™ tools integrate with modern manufacturing solutions using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), an embedded scripting language used in most Microsoft Windows-based applications. These include Microsoft Office products, GE Proficy and iFIX SCADA/HMI Development Environment, Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk and RSView SCADA/HMI, Invensys Wonderware, etc.  Built around Windows COM/DCOM architecture, VANGUARD tools provide a seamless integration with most Windows-based application environments.

Perfect for Continuous Improvements Initiatives, your team will be able to create rich and meaningful manufacturing data visualizations and data analytics reports from all of your critical manufacturing data using a single user-friendly dashboard to reach impactful automated manufacturing solutions that drive lasting results.

Benefits of VANGUARD MDA™ data analytics software to improve automated manufacturing processes include:

  • 80% Reduction in Production Waste
  • Five-fold increase in Production throughput
  • 90% Reduction in Product Investigation Times

The VANGUARD MDA™ dashboard enables you to receive and process all of your critical manufacturing data in a single convenient interface, reducing batch investigation times to a few clicks of your mouse.

The dashboard improves automated manufacturing processes by enabling you to:

  • Interact With Your Data

Our exclusive “Info and Fact-Finder Cursors” and embedded icons provide access to valuable automated manufacturing information with a simple click of the mouse. Our tools help you delve deeper into manufacturing data to gain valuable insight into each critical phase of the automation process.

  • Choose Manufacturing Data Navigation Options

Our trending data analytics solutions provide diverse ways to view and interact with your manufacturing data. From Single and Multi-Data Cursors, to Panning and Zooming on any data axis (X, Y, XY), and even magnification tools that zoom in on a small area of data for a closer inspection – all within the same interface.

  • Receive Endless Data Analytics Reporting

Create complex manufacturing reports using the embedded Crystal Reports Viewer. Perfect for displaying linear Alarm and Events History, Batch Reports, Operator Inputs, 21CFR Part 11 Data, and more. Data analytics reports can be searched by date and time or simply by entering a batch number.

  • Produce Chart-Recorder Style Data Visualization

See real-time critical manufacturing process parameters with a single-glance. In this configuration, real-time values are displayed along with each historical trend’s plot for a complete view of you manufacturing data. Trends are stacked for easy viewing.

Discover how VANGUARD MDA™ and the Allurént team of skilled automated process engineers can help you achieve big improvements quickly and effectively using manufacturing data analytics. Contact Allurént today.

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